75+ Item Pack of Unique Low-poly Assets

Use for anything.

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Common and household items

Some of the most commonly searched for 3d models. Made just for you

All assets are low poly by design

We have that super cool kid vibe you are looking for.

78 hand made objects

Every object is uniquely made just for this pack.

VR Preview

Use WASD keys & mouse to move.

Image Previews

 broken broken broken broken broken broken broken broken broken broken apple controller             x x x x x

Many more...

Pay once. Use forever, for anything.

Household Poly Pack

75+ Low poly common items

  • All of our assets
  • When we add more things you get those too
  • Use commercially or for any purpose
  • All items as .fbx and .obj/.mtl files
  • All the textures shown in our images
  • We immediately email you a .zip of everything
  • A feeling of fullness and love

Something Else

Some models just for you

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  • We can help you with something specific. Let us know.
  • Totally unique, home made and organic
  • We won't share the custom models we make with anyone else
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Can you make me a custom asset?

Yes! Contact us and we'll see what we can do.

Can I sell these models?

You can use them as a part of any single project. You are not granted a license to resell these models. Contact us for more info if you would like to resell our models somewhere.

Will you add more models soon?

Yes, we are planning on making this pack have 100 models total.

What's the "freebie" for signing up for updates?

We'll send you a random low poly object from our pack that we think is cool. We won't sell your email.

What file type do the models come as?

Each model comes as FBX, OBJ, and GLTF (with all the texture files for each). If for some reason there is a missing filetype or you need it as something else, just ask.

Exactly how many models are there?

The original release included 75 models. Email us if you bought an earlier version and havent gotten an update with more models.There are 78 unique models currently, however the pack will include more models because there are multiple versions of the same model included. For example, there is a candle model with a lit and unlit version.

Full Asset List

Included Included Included
apple nunchucks toilet paper
orange ice cream scoop hammer
tooth brush pasta pot wrench (new one coming soon)
tooth paste pan recycle bin
trophy banana bowl
saw banana bunch plate
baseball bat plunger candles (4 types)
wall painting gaming console fork
TV video game controller spray bottle (2)
cabbage lamp coffee pot
salt shaker light bulb book shelf
pepper shaker broom book
wine glass screwdrivers (2 types) hosta indoor plant
desk fan wood spoon remote control
AA baterries bubble level backpack
ants mug pot planter
baseball cap 6 pack bottle of beer
soda can spatula smart phone
Lava lamp golf club Oculus Sensor
walkie talkie thumb drive golf T (with & without ball)
monitor key coins (2 types)
phone paint brush little brushes
binoculars hour glass shoes
wine opener head phones hatchet
grapes champagne glass cane
shovel walker random others thrown in

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